Thursday, September 21, 2006

KM - The Open Source KM Consulting Methodology debate?

The concept of 'Open Source' was originally conceived for 'knowledge' 'OSK' but quickly found its exponential value in open source software 'OSS'.

I would like to help create a global community of KM Practitioners and Consultants who wish to share and develop an Open Source KM Consulting Methodology. The first version is available now and I look forward to exponential growth in its future development. It has to be the way for 21stC Consulting.

If you are interested in such a community please email me:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

KM and co-creation

Whilst sharing some frustration about a client's apparent lack of knowing what they realy wanted, with a fellow KM consultant and team member, he said,

"Many organizations simply don't know what they want. But once you give them something, then they can start to agree and disagree, and then the process of co-creation starts!


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