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Knowledge Management Online News, Issue June 2008
June 09, 2008

Sometime ago, you kindly subscribed to our Free Knowledge Management Online Newsletter.

Well, it wasn't until this month, when we launched our Global KM Directory, that we had anything really unique to say to you, that could be of great benefit.

Now, we can summarise each month in this newsletter, interesting KM issues, problems, opportunities and capabilities of others around the world who have shared in the Global KM Directory.

We will also summarise key KM ideas, insights and learnings from our blog writings.

This June email is to simply notify you of this intention, and if it is not still of interest, to give you the opportunity to unsubscribe from the list.

Otherwise, we look forward to sharing some unique KM perspectives and KM opportunities from and increasing community of KM practitioners, consultants and students around the world from July 2008.

If you are interested in checking out the Global KM Directory, and/or submitting your KM needs, issues, opportunities and KM capabilities, please do visit by clicking:

Global KM Directory


The Knowledge Management Online Team

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