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Knowledge Management Online News, Issue October 2010
October 07, 2010

Please find your copy of Knowledge Management Online News for October 2010.

We look forward to sharing some unique KM perspectives and KM opportunities from an increasing community of KM practitioners, consultants and students around the world.

2. New KM Principles and KM Strategies

This month we have added the following article and KM Principles:

Understanding the Four Dimensions of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management and Quantum Physics

3. KM Global Directory

Since the last newsletter, new people added their KM profiles/details to the Global KM Directory from several countries.

If you are interested in checking out the Global KM Directory, and/or submitting your KM profile, needs, issues, opportunities and KM capabilities, please do visit by clicking:

KM Global Directory

4. Free KM Assessment Survey

People from all continents have been completing the online questionnaire for a free Knowledge Assessment each month. It takes about 15 minutes to complete online.

You can obtain your free Knowledge Assessment here:

Free Knowledge Assessment

5. Knowledge and Wisdom Quotes

We have added several new knowledge and wisdom quotes.

This is a page of quotes that we have come across in our work that we find particularly inspiring, especially in the context of effective knowledge management, and the wise application of knowledge.

Knowledge and Wisdom Quotes

6. KM Definitions

New KM definitions have been added by visitors since the last newsletter. Do you have any KM definitions to share we everybody on the website?

Would you like to see your ranked list of KM Definitions shared by others?

KM Definitions

7.KM Conferences and Training Courses

Ron Young will be speaking at:

KM for Public Sector, 2-5th November, Chuncheon, Rep.of Korea

KM Asia Conference keynote, 23rd November, Suntec, Singapore

KM Asia Masterclass, 25th November, Understanding the Four Dimensions of KM, Suntec, Singapore

KM Practitioners Programme, 7-10th December, Taipei, Taiwan

Ark Masterclass, 24th January 2011, London, Understanding the Four Dimensions of KM

Ark Masterclass, 25th January 2011, London, Work Life Balance

Full KM Conference/Training details here

8. What's New?

If you are interested in subscribing to a chronological blog of 'What's New' on the website as an RSS feed, or simply to visit then go to:

What's New?

We hope you find this monthly Newsletter of value and thank you for your interest.

Ron Young and the Knowledge Management Online Team

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