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Keynote Speaker - Ron Young

Based on your specific needs, Ron Young can develop a presentation to fit your particular audience. Ron's speaking strengths are:

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Recent and planned KM Conference and event speaking

2013 Conferences and Events

November 2013, Singapore, KM Asia 2013

23-25th October, Cape Town, South Africa, 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Economy, keynote speaker.

22/23rd April 2013, Singapore, 'Knowledge Management & Social Media', keynote speaker and workshop

25/26th April 2013, Hong Kong, Knowledge Management & Social Media, keynote speaker and workshop

25-27th March 2013, Abu Dhabi, 'KM Middle East 2013, conference speaker and workshop

10th-14th February 2013, 'Social Innovation', Sri Lanka, APO

22nd January 2013, London, Ark Masterclass '4 Dimensions of Knowledge & Innovation'

2012 Conferences and Events

December 11 - 14th, 'KM for SME's' Study Group, Taiwan, Asian Productivity Organization

November 13 - 22th, 'Innovation through Knowledge Management', New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, National Productivity Council India

November 8th, Singapore, KM Workshop at KM Asia, Innovation, Knowledge and Strategy

November 6-7th, Singapore, KM Asia conference keynote speaking 'Innovation, Knowledge and Strategy'

October 22nd-24th, KM Snr Management workshop, Siberia

October 10th-11th, KM for Corporate University conference /workshop, Moscow, Russia

September 11th - 14th, Seoul, Korea, 'KM for the Service Sector', APO

August 12th - 17th, Nairobi, Kenya, KM for Africa, 5yr Strategic Plan

June 25-28th, 4th International Conference of KM for Space Missions, Toulouse, France. 'The Four Dimensions of Knowledge & Innovation'.

May 16th - 18th, Istanbul, Turkey, KM Strategy development

May 4th, London, KM Planning & Implementation Workshop

May 3rd, London, KM Fundamentals Seminar

May 2nd, London, Strategic Knowledge Management Executive Briefing

May 1st, London, Ark Masterclass, 'The Four Dimensions of Knowledge & Innovation'

April 22 - 29th, Nairobi, Kenya, KM Africa - Kenya Chapter (provisional)

April 11th-12th 2012, KM Russia,Moscow,conference keynote and workshops

March 31st, Information, Knowledge & Strategy, CASS Business School, City University, London

February 20th 2012, Singapore, Ark 'Understanding the four dimensions of Knowledge and Innovation' workshop

February 4th - 23rd 2012, Singapore, National Institute of Education, Learning and Knowledge workshops

January 24th 2012, Knowledge Management for the European Legal Profession, Amsterdam, Master Class on '4 Dimensions of KM'

January 23rd 2012, The Annual CASS London City Business School lecture, London.

2011 Conferences and events

December 8th 2011, Dubai, UAE, Prime Ministers Office, Knowledge Management Workshop

November 23-25th 2011, KM Russia Conference, Moscow, keynote 'New paradigms in Knowledge and Innovation' Masterclass '4 Dimensions of Knowledge and Innovation'

November 8-10th 2011, KM Asia 2011 Conference, Singapore, keynote presentation and KM Workshop on 'Distributed knowledge and innovation'

October 24-28th 2011, East London, South Africa, ICKE 2011 (International Conference on the Knowledge Economy)

In my return to ICKE 2011 I have been asked to present a keynote 'Translating Knowledge into Knowledge Economy Development, and I will be facilitating a 2 day Round Table 'Developing a Knowledge Economy Strategy for South Africa'.

October 3- 14th, Singapore, Knowledge Management Workshops for the National Institute of Education

August 16th -20th, New Delhi, India, National Productivity Council, KM Consulting Competencies certification

August 10th-12th, Singapore, KM Executive Programmes

National Productivity Council of India programme here

18-21st July 2011, KM Australia, Sydney, Ark Group

9th - 15th July 2011, Tehran, Iran, National Iranian Productivity Organization, 'KM in the Public and Services Sector'

National KM framework workshop.

25th June - 2nd July, Singapore, KM Strategy workshop

20-21st June 2011, KM UK 2011 Conference, London, UK, Ark Group

14th June 2011, KIN (Knowledge & Innovation Network) Workshop, Summer 2011, Warwick Business School, UK

May 26/27th 2011 The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities, Seventh Edition

Co-organised by The European Chair on Intellectual Capital Management, the University Paris-Sud and The World Bank. World Bank Paris Office, 66, Avenue d’Iéna 75016 Paris, France

May 25th 2011, New Club of Paris General Assembly, World Bank Paris Office (awaiting website details)

May 16th - 20th, KM Competencies Workshop, Singapore (details to follow shortly)

12th April 2011 Effective Knowledge Management, London,UK

29-31 March 2011, Republic of Korea, APO 'KM and the Public sector' in Asia

March 15-16th 2011, KM Middle East 2011, Abu Dhabi

February 21st-25th, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, KM and effective knowledge working / work-life balance in 21st Century

January 26th 2011, London,UK, Masterclass 'Work Life Balance'Ark Group

January 25th 2011, London,UK, Masterclass 'Understanding the Four Dimensions of KM', Ark Group

January 24th 2011, London, UK, CASS Business School, Annual Knowledge Management lecture

2010 Conferences and events

December 13th 2010, Manilla, Philippines, Master Class 'Applying the Four Dimensions of Knowledge Management', Asian Institute of Management, CCLFI, Knowledge Management Association of the Philippines (provisional)

December 6th - 10th, 2010, Taiwan, Republic of China, APO 5 day KM Practitioner series, Asian Productivity Organisation

December 2 - 4th, Knowledge Management Summit India, Bangalore

December 1st, New Delhi, India, Knowledge and Innovation, National Productivity Council of India

November 23-25th, Singapore, keynote presentation, KM Asia Conference, Ark Group

November 18-19th, Guilin, China, International Corporate workshop

November 7th-14th, Domaine Maneque, Alaigne, SW France

November 2-5th Chuncheon, Republic of Korea, KM in the Public Sector, Korea Productivity Center and Asian Productivity Organization

September 20-22, 2010, Cairo, Egypt. Knowledge Management and Innovation in the Global Knowledge Economy, KM Egypt Conference 2010, 'Knowledge Management,A Catalyst for Innovation'

September 16th - 17th, 2010, Singapore, Keynote at Knowledge Management Singapore Conference, information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS)'From Knowledge to Innovation'

September 15th, 2010, Singapore, Master Class for Singapore information and Knowledge Management Society (iKMS) 'Understanding the four dimensions of Knowledge Management'

August 2-6th, 2010, Jakarta, Indonesia, 5 day KM workshop for Asian Productivity Organisation and National Productivity Organisation of Indonesia.

July 13th 2010: London, UK, Master Class 'Understanding the 4 dimemsions of Knowledge Management - personal, team, organizational and inter-organizational'

29th June - 1st July 2010: 3 day Knowledge Management Programme in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

7th - 14th May 2010, Tehran, Iran, National Iranian Productivity Center, 6 day KM Master Class with Government Ministries

6th - 9th April, Expert Group: Knowledge Management and SME's, Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo, Japan

25th January 2010, Keynote: Knowledge Management Principles, Methods and Tools, CASS Business School, London, UK

2009 Conferences and events

20th October 2009, Keynote: ‘Assessing and Developing the Global Knowledge Economy’, International Conference on Knowledge Economy, (ICKE 2009) Johannesburg, S.Africa

21st October 2009, ‘UK Competitiveness in the Knowledge Driven Economy – progress after 10 years and production of UK Government White Paper.International Conference on Knowledge Economy, (ICKE 2009) Johannesburg, S.Africa

10th – 14th August 2009, Workshop: Knowledge Management for SME’s, Jakarta, Indonesia

15-18th June 2009, Seminar:‘Knowledge Management in the Services Sector, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1-3rd June 2009, Seminar:‘Knowledge Management 2009’ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

25-27th May 2009, Master Class:‘Knowledge Management in Government’, Singapore

20-22nd May 2009, Master Class:‘Knowledge Management in Defence’, Singapore

3rd April 2009, By Video link:‘Knowledge Management’, National Productivity Council of India Institute, Chennai

2008 Conferences and events

Dec 18th 2008 Keynote:‘KM and Work / Life Balance’, National Productivity Council of India and Alumni, New Delhi, India.

November 19th 2008 Keynote:‘What is driving KM around the world’ Henley KM Forum, Henley on Thames, UK

September 11th 2008 Conference:‘ KM around the world’ Southern California KM Forum, Aerospace, Malibu, USA

September 1-5 2008 Master Class:‘ APO KM Framework and KM Implementation Methodology’, Fiji

June 2008 Keynote:‘Learning Organizations and Knowledge Management’ Bali, Indonesia

12-14th February 2008, Keynote:‘Back to Basics with KM’ KM Conference for National Productivity Centre, New Delhi, India and Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo

2007 Conferences and events

1st November 2007, Keynote: at KM Singapore ‘How to develop KM competencies’ Information and Knowledge Management Society of Singapore.

3-6 September 2007, Workshop:‘Competencies for KM Consultants’, Asian Productivity Organisation, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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