From Productivity to Innovation

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On 29th January 2009, The Asian Productivity Organization released a new free KM e-book entitled “From Productivity to Innovation: Proceedings from the Second International Conference on Technology and Innovation for Knowledge Management.”

The conference was held in New Delhi, India last 12–14 February 2008. Dr. Serafin D. Talisayon of the Philippines served as the conference rapporteur and volume editor.

Ron Young started session 1 'Setting the Tone' with his paper 'Back to Basics: Strategies for Identifying, Creating, Storing, Sharing and Using Knowledge.

The book has 20 chapters, plus Q&A and technical sessions:

1: Back to Basics: Strategies for Identifying, Creating, Storing, Sharing and Using Knowledge (Ron Young)

2: Technology and Innovation for Knowledge Management (G. S. Krishnan, Arundhati Chattopadhyay and Avadh Yadav)

3: A Strategy for Library Networking in the Knowledge Economy (Dr. Prema Rajagopalan, Prof. M. S. Mathews and M. Kavitha)

4: Global Knowledge Management Trends (Dr. Rory Chase)

5: HAWK-i: Holistic Analysis for Working Knowledge and Implementation (Anne Chappuis, Luc de Golbéry, Paramita Sen, Nirbhay Sen and Sanjay Gupta)

6: Case Study: Knowledge Management in Wipro (Ved Prakash)

7: The Knowledge Economy Project: The Experience of IIT Roorkee (Prof. Harsha Sinvhal and Prof. Vinay K. Nangia)

8: Knowledge Management Framework: An APO Perspective (Praba Nair)

9: The Status of Knowledge Management in Asia: Results of an APO Survey of Nine Member Countries (Dr. Serafin D. Talisayon)

10: Critical Factors Constraining the Growth and Development of the Indian Economy: A Sectoral Study (Dr. Prema Rajagopalan, Prof. M. S. Mathews and M. Kavitha)

11: Knowledge Management in the Food and Nutrition Community in India: The UN’s New KM Initiative (Gopi N. Ghosh)

12: Participation of the International Management Institute in the Knowledge Economy Project (Prof. Ashoka Chandra and Prof. M. K. Khanijo)

13: Innovation and Knowledge Management: An Indic Play Ethic and a Global HR Model (Dr. Prem Saran)

14: Dimensions of Knowledge Management Projects and Leveraging Technology in Higher Educational Institutions (Dr. M. S. Rawat)

15: Service Quality in the Supply Chain: A Knowledge Gap Perspective (Gyan Prakash and Kripa Shanker)

16: The Intellectual Property System (N. N. Prasad)

17: Knowledge Management Systems in an Engineering Consultancy Organization (Sanjeev Kumar)

18: The Transformation of Innovation into Technology, Economy and Society (K. Kalaiselvan)

19: A New Infrastructure for Managing Knowledge in High-Value Outsourcing (Avinash Rao)

20: Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage in the Steel Industry (Y. Bhaskara Rao and J. V. S. Sarma)

You can download the e-book for free by clicking HERE.

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