What is Knowledge Management?

What is Knowledge Management?

Although, throughout history, we have always managed our knowledge as best we could, it was the introduction of some new tools, new methods, new processes and new strategies that enabled us to think, for the first time, very differently about knowledge, and how to make some substantial improvements in the way we manage knowledge, as individuals, teams, organizations, and between organizations. We started to realise that there are now some radical and fundamentally new ways to accelerate learning and knowledge processes.

During the early 1990's we started to think more about the knowledge processes of identifying, creating, storing, sharing and applying knowledge.

KM Definitions

A good way to start to understand what we mean by the term knowledge management is to consider a popular definition.

"Knowledge Management is the discipline to enable individuals, teams, organizations and communities, more collectively and systematically capture, store, share and apply their knowledge, to achieve their objectives."

What is new here?

What is new is that there are now much better ways that we can do this 'more collectively' and 'more systematically'.

This article will also give you a good perspective. Its called

Knowledge Management - Back to Basic Principles

But there are several different approaches to knowledge management, so we recommend that you also :

Click here for a list of popular KM definitions

KM Fundamentals eBook

Read the transcript (slides and text) of a one day KM seminar presented by Ron Young CEO of Knowledge Associates, together with delegate questions and answer session.

KM Fundamentals ebook

4 Dimensions of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a holistic discipline that asks everybody to take personal responsibility and accountability for their knowledge. In other words,

'Knowledge Management is for everyone'

To successfully implement knowledge management initiatives, it is necessary to consider, at least, 4 key dimensions of KM:

Read paper on 'Understanding the Four Dimensions of Knowledge Management' here

1. Personal Knowledge Management

2. Team Knowledge Management

3. Organizational Knowledge Management

4. Inter-Organizational Knowledge Management

You may also be interested in a 5th dimension of knowledge management

Global Knowledge Management

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