Our Knowledge Management Services

Our aim to to provide you with enough free information, references, links and video's etc to enable you to get started with knowledge management.We hope this free information will enable you to answer the basic questions:

What is Knowledge Management?

Why implement Knowledge Management?

How to implement knowledge management?

Furthermore, we hope that you will find the free 'KM Global Directory' useful, to find and contact KM practitioners around the world. We encourage you to contribute your details, skills and interests to this directory, whether you are a student of KM, a practitioner, an educator, or KM consultant.

KM Services

If you find that you are now requiring more detail, more education, some advice and assistance with developing a KM strategy, KM implementation and/or knowledge worker skills training, we invite you to consider the following services. Some are totally free, some are downloadable ebooks and elearning, some are KM training programmes, and some are KM consulting services from our website sponsor Knowledge Associates International Ltd.

Good luck with your KM initiatives.

KM Education ... more here
KM Consulting ... more here
KM Processes and Methods ... more here
Knowledge Worker Training ... more here

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