Knowledge Management Online Membership

This website provides a large amount of free information to help students, practitioners and consultants, around the world, with their knowledge management education.And will continue to do so.

However, many have also asked to download a KM Consulting Methodology. They have asked for membership of a global community of practitioners to share and develop, together, new and better KM consulting frameworks, methodologies and tools to support the methodology implementation. They have asked for an open, fully inclusive, and collective approach to continuous improvement, as a form of a defacto standard to base their own work on.

Practitioners and consultants, in particular, are looking for the ability to immediately download KM Consulting and Education materials, to apply and to improve.

As a result, in addition to a free site on KM education, we have developed a Knowledge Management Online Membership.

Primary Objectives of Membership

1. To provide to a global member community of KM practitioners and students, free open source downloads of annually updated and improved KM education, methodologies, strategies, tools and techniques, based on the ‘collective global knowledge and experiences’ of the members.

2. To provide forums for KM practitioners and students, on-line and physically around the world, to communicate, collaborate, learn and share knowledge and experiences together, based on a continually improving and common set of KM methodologies and tools.

3. To provide an opportunity for people to apply the KM principles, methods and tools and to ‘practice KM’ through a global KM community of practice and KM system.

4. Once you have become a Member online, you can immediately download, free of charge, the latest available versions of the Knowledge Management Consulting Methodology, Directory of KM Principles, Tools and Techniques, and KM Education. Currently this consists of 18 ebooks as pdf files totalling 576 pages.

view latest version here

5. As a Member of this KMO Community of Practice, you are able to immediately learn and apply what you have downloaded in your own situation and particular context, for your specific needs, for example:

o As a KM consultant in client engagements

o As a KM practitioner in an Organisation

o As a KM educator in a University, Business School etc

o As a student of KM

6. The members’ levels of KM experience will be varied. You may be well experienced in KM, an international KM expert, or simply a beginner, but we ask you to share your learning’s and experiences of KM, and your experiences of applying the methodology, tools and techniques, with fellow members through a formal web-based KM process to capture new learning’s, insights, ideas and suggestions for improvement, for the benefit of all members.

7. The first ‘Version 1’ of the KM methodology has been donated by Knowledge Associates, and has been used extensively and proven in client engagements around the world since the mid 1990’s.


8. Members can review annually, against the annual membership fee of US$45.00, the value they are receiving from both the collective knowledge and experiences of other members, and the resulting improved methodologies, tools and techniques.

30 day Money Back Guarantee

9. If members are not entirely satisfied with the free downloads of KM education, KM consulting methodology and KM Directory of Principles, Methods and Tools,and the membership services, we will provide a full refund of the membership fee, upon receiving your email and return the products, within 30 days of the purchase date.

Other Optional Services

10. Members may choose to offer and provide additional opportunities and services to each other, or though the Community, at their discretion, for example:

o Face to face education, coaching and support

o Client engagement opportunities

o KM consulting opportunities

o KM career opportunities

o Formal KM accreditation services

o Other complementary services to KM


For any further information, please email here

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