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A Unique Knowledge Management Online website

We strongly believe that 'what can be done through the web - will be done through the web', and our primary mission is to provide online, all your primary KM needs. Our aim is to provide you with all the key information that you need so that you will become successful with knowledge and knowledge management.

Since we launched this website in 2007, we have further developed advanced knowledge driven methodologies and tools that are available from our sister company, Knowledge Associates International at

We will be integrating this website completely, during the next six months, into

This is the driving mission of Ron Young who is the founder and principal director of this website.

We hope you find what you need quickly by navigating through the 'what,why,how,who,where and when' of knowledge management, as this website is structured.

A good start for you is to read this simple 10 point article called Demystify Knowledge Management

But the best way to help you is for you to tell us what your needs and desires are for knowledge management. Simply click on Ask for Help and complete your request.

Why Knowledge Management?

We start the website with Why KM?, especially as we are all now living in a rapidly growing global knowledge economy. This knowledge economy will provide us all with unlimited opportunities to grow as effective knowledge driven individuals, teams, organizations and institutions.

What is Knowledge Management?

We continue with What is KM? and discuss KM Definitions and some fundamental KM Principles

How to implement Knowledge Management

Most importantly, we then provide a well proven step by step approach and methodology for How to implement KM?

Who is Who in Knowledge Management?

In this section, we invite you to add your details and join a growing global network of KM students, KM practitioners, KM consultants and Knowledge driven organizations. This is becoming a very useful KM Global Directory for all to access.

An integrated Knowledge Management Online website

This is an integrated Knowledge Management Online website offering a variety of KM training and education products and services, from basics to advanced; well proven KM consulting methods to help you to implement KM projects; KM principles, KM processes and methods, and KM tools, techniques and software.

We also provide a system to help you develop essential personal, team and organizational Knowledge worker competencies in a rapidly growing global knowledge economy.

Consider this website to be your online KM resource, teacher and consultant, where you can learn and apply the discipline of knowledge management step by step.

A team of leading Knowledge Management experts and practitioners

Initial contributions of successful and well proven KM education, KM frameworks and KM consulting methods and tools have been made by leading KM experts and practitioners. This will be continually developed by a growing global KM Member Community. By applying collective and systematic KM processes, a team of leading KM practitioners and consultants, from around the world, will critically review all improved content.

Immediate downloads

If you wish to immediately obtain and download KM materials, we offer our ebooks for sale for KM Fundamentals, a Directory of KM Principles, Processes and Tools and, by becoming a Member, you can immediately download the complete KM Consulting Methodology.

We also provide KM practitioner certification, so we can offer a development path from absolute beginner to professional KM practitioner/consultant

Our aim, through this website, is to become a 'living example' of successful global knowledge sharing and knowledge management in action, and to provide for you the facility to learn, experience, evaluate and apply KM principles, strategies, processes, methods and tools through better:

Personal Knowledge Management

Team Knowledge Management

Organizational Knowledge Management and

Inter-Organizational or Community Knowledge Management

Open Source Knowledge

Our rationale for research and development through 'Open Source Knowledge' Membership is very simple: When KM practitioners around the world can read, edit and add, redistribute, and modify the source KM education and KM methodologies, processes, tools and techniques, based on their experiences, the education and methodology will rapidly evolve.

People around the world will improve it at an extraordinary speed compared to the speed of development of proprietary methodologies.

We fundamentally believe and endorse the open source community who have learned that this rapid and collaborative 'community created' evolutionary process produces better knowledge creation and knowledge transfer than the traditional closed model.

Open Source is the only way to create, transfer and apply the best knowledge.

Its an idea who's time has arrived!

We believe that Open Source Knowledge requires both an open collaboration and sharing, and a core group of competent KM practitioners to challenge and review, through discussion and dialogue.

We hope that this website will help you with your search for knowledge management information and solutions.

Ron Young

Chief Knowledge Officer

Knowledge Management Online

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What is Knowledge Management
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Knowledge Management Principles
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