Global Knowledge Management

Global Knowledge Management

Have you ever sat back for a few moments and thought about what is happening with knowledge management, collectively, around the world?

Imagine that you wake up one day to discover that you have been appointed as the 'Chief Knowledge Officer' of Planet Earth!

What would you see?

You would see a rapidly growing internet and World Wide Web. In January 2010 we were told by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet, that there are, at least 1 trillion public web pages (1,000,000,000,000 pages). The World Wide Web is radically and fundamentally changing the way we create, share and apply knowledge and knowledge economics.

You would see a blogsphere of hundreds of millions of bloggers writing and sharing their ideas, insights, learnings, knowledge, jokes and information.

You would see millions of people engaged in 'massive collaboration' in creating and improving knowledge on wiki's for millions of other people to access and apply.

You would see hundreds of millions of people sharing pictures and videos in services like Facebook and Linkedin.

You would see hundreds of millions of people sharing their details and building relationships in social networks like Facebook.

Millions would be tweeting from mobile phones all over the world about everything.

Hundreds of millions of people would be searching for information they need.

And most, if not all of this, would be freely provided by service providers storing and organizing your data and information 'in the cloud', that is, hosted and managed on their own servers 'somwhere'.

This is simply a staggering example of some of the things that are happening across the planet to accelerate and improve our planetary knowledge.This is global knowledge management at its greatest.

So, in this section of the website, we will gradually build and share our knowledge about global knowledge management.

This is a continual work in progress but please come back and visit these pages from time to time. One thing is for sure. Global knowledge management will develop and grow exponentially.

We start off by looking at:

Assessing and Developing the Global Knowledge Economy

The World in 2025 - Rising Asia

Take a look at Hans Rosling video presenting at TED India, November 2009: 'Asia's and when' - July 2048!

Asia's and when

More to follow shortly ....

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