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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Capital, Knowledge and Transparency

This resonated with me:

McGraw-Hill aligns with three enduring global needs:

• the need for Capital

• the need for Knowledge

• the need for Transparency

These are the foundations necessary to foster economic growth and to allow individuals, markets and societies to reach their full potential.

Cool - Ron Young

Monday, December 22, 2008

Learning and Knowledge creation is Super

I am certainly glad to be back blogging my KM Consulting learnings and experiences after a few very hectic months of writing a series of KM articles, which you can read as Google Knols and, also, writing several KM reports and recommendations for clients with pretty tough year-end deadlines. But life is now back in balance for a while.

I hope to soon share some incredible new learnings and experiences that I have had, and some of which I believe will literally turn the KM world upside down, and, I am glad to say, for the better. Just as an interesting aside, I had a fun experience whilst travelling to a client last week.

Whilst travelling from New Delhi to Ghaziabad in a car, I noticed a large billboard on the main road. It was advertising a forthcoming spiritual event promoting the peak of well being, and there was a great quote I wanted to capture and share.

"It's not about becoming Super Human

Its about realizing that being Human is Super"


Not only do I like this quote, but it inspired me to spontaneously think

"Its not about becoming a Super learning and knowledge creating organisation but its about realising that learning and knowledge creation is Super"


Ron Young

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