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I have conducted many KM Consulting engagements around the world. They have been in most industry sectors, public and private organizations and institutions, and across different cultures.

As a result, I have identified the key or critical knowledge assets to focus on, develop and measure, for most industry sectors.

My approach with KM strategy development and KM implementation, is to transfer my knowledge, skills, and KM consulting methodology to a designated team or persons during my engagement, through coaching and mentoring. This is to ensure that the organization can sustain the KM initiative beyond the consulting intervention.

I prefer to work with clients in small, discrete value added work packages. This is to minimise the risk to the client to just one small work package (not greater than 4 weeks duration) and to continually assess the value that is being delivered to the client.

I am prepared to have a free video or audio meeting with you on the internet, preferably or, for up to 30 minutes, without any obligation on your part whatsoever, to initially discuss your requirements.

Here is a selected list of my KM consulting engagements that demonstrate the wide range of industry, country and multi-cultural experience. Full references are available as required.

Developing KM Strategies and KM Implementation Plans for:

2009/10 United Nations, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, Geneva, Switzerland and Bangkok, Thailand.

2008/9 BEL Electronics (Ministry of Defense), Ghaziabad, India

2008 Asian Productivity Organization for Asian Member Countries

2007 UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome, Italy

2006 National Institute for Mental Health UK

2005 Audit Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

2004 West Midlands Regional Observatory, UK

2000 Raytheon Systems, Texas, USA

2000 UBS Bank, Geneva, Switzerland

1999 UK Government White Paper ‘UK Competitiveness in the Knowledge Driven Economy

1997 Vauxhall UK

1997 SAAB Sweden

1996 Opel Indonesia

1996 Ernst & Young, London, UK

1995 General Motors USA

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