Knowledge Management Assessment Results

As per the figure above, there are three distinct stages in the knowledge management journey of an organisation, to use the mountaineering metaphor

- still at the base camp

- knowledge aware and

- knowledge leveraging.

Each stage has its own characteristics and resource requirements.

The web based survey poses some questions to assess where your team or organisation might be positioned in this model and where it should focus.

Self Assessment

If you wish immediate results, you may self assess the answers to your questions as follows:

Assess yourself the following points for each number

N/A - 0 points - 1 points - 2 points - 3 points

Add the total points for each subsection. Awareness, senior management buy in, knowledge sharing culture etc and use the following guide to determine where you are and where you want to be, in what time frame. The three figures, in brackets, following each topic, show the scores required for 'Still at Base Camp', 'Knowledge Aware' and 'Knowledge Leveraging'.

Critical Success Factors

Awareness Q1-3 (<5, 5-7, >7)

Snr Management Buy-In Q4-6 (<5, 5-7, >7)

Knowledge Sharing Culture Q7-11 (<6, 6-9, >9)

Measure to guage km benefits Q12-14 (<3, 3-4, >4)

Incentives and rewards Q15-17 (<5, 5-7, >7)

KM Infrastructure

Strategy Q18-23 (<7, 7-14, >14)

Processes Q24-30 (<10, 10-14, >14)

Structure Q31-33 (<4, 4-7, >7)

Systems Q34-37 (<5, 5-8, >8)

Knowledge Networking Levels

Individual Q38-39 (<3, 3-4, >4)

Team Q40-41 (3, 3-4, >4)

Organisation Q42-44 (<4, 4-7, >7)

Inter-Organisation Q45-46 (<3, 3-4, >4)

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