Knowledge Management Processes Methods and Tools

This section contains details of an online 'Directory of Knowledge Management Processes, Methods and Tools ' to be considered for selection within a Knowledge Management Implementation initiative.

Firstly, the Directory contains a categorised list, followed by a ‘Big Picture’ which illustrates and suggests how these principles, processes, methods and tools map on to, and support, the overall process of better Knowledge Management.

There then follows, for each item, a brief description and where possible, further references and, where appropriate, some templates, instructions and measurement criteria for evaluation and implementation.

As new Knowledge Management processes, methods, tools and techniques are emerging rapidly, this open source Directory is considered to be the first of several regular releases.

The aim is to provide the KM consultant, KM Practitioner and Organisation who are about to embark on a KM initiative with a framework and practical tools to assist with a successful implementation.

The Directory contains:

▪ P0 KM Processes, techniques and methods

▪ P1 From Strategy to reality – 7 logical steps

▪ P2 Knowledge Plan

▪ P3 The 9-Step KM Process

▪ P4 Capturing new learning, insights and ideas

▪ P5 Peer Assist (Before)

▪ P6 Learning Reviews (During

▪ P7 After Action Reviews (After)

▪ P8 Lessons Learned Workshop Technique

▪ P9 Knowledge Nominations

▪ P10 Knowledge Base Management Process

▪ P11 Knowledge Worker Competence Development Plan

▪ P12 Expert Locator / Who’s Who

▪ P13 Knowledge Mapping

▪ P14 K-Leaving Interview

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