Atul Rai

by Atul
(Gurgaon, India)

I have been a part of the great Indian technology revolution ... I have spent close to 15 years in the industry, with the large part of these being in the realms of Training, and Knowledge Management.

As such, i can see the inter-relatedness of the two domains, which are usually considered independant of each other.

Today, i am leading the Knowledge Management initiative for a particular division of a technology company. I am looking after all aspects of Knowledge Management ... Culture, Technology, and People ... and this includes generating greater awareness, leading to adoption of Knowledge Management initiatives, along with the technology to deliver these. The major thrust is on the adoption and delivery of web 2.0 technologies. This being the first step towards developing greater sharing culture within the organization, especially along the lines of sharing, both in terms of means and structure, that are evolving with social networking, and related tools.

I write about some of the emerging trends in the space of Knowledge Management, some of the issues relating to the domain, and the way forward for knowledge managers and practitioners. I also write about the technology aspects, though the major writings are about the culture and people aspects. My blog can be found at

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