Dimitar Hristov

I am Managing Partner at the consulting practice of HIRON Management Consulting ltd and my experience, knowledge and interests are in the Innovation & Knowledge Management and in the implementation of the strategic approach in organizations, corporations and SMEs. HIRON Management Consulting is a company that was established in 1992 in Bulgaria, Europe as a response of the newly created private sector to manage changes of this socialistic country from the centrally planned economy toward market economy. All of us were experts in business planning and business development with experience in the corporate turnarounds and transformations incl. privatization deals. I am also expert in the development and implementation of business plans, financial and strategic analyses of companies, and in the management development. As a management consultant I participated in many national and international projects and as a licensed appraiser I performed hundreds appraisals of state and private companies.
I am also author and co-author of series of methodologies for analysing, assessing and managing SMEs. In recent years I participate very actively in the attracting funds for the clients under the programs of the European Union and participate in EC funded projects for management of innovations & knowledge.

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