Dr Wimpie Beeken

by Dr Wimpie Beeken
(Pretoria, South Africa)

Dr W Beeken

Dr W Beeken

“I’m most excited about what the future business landscape will look like.

We are awaking at the insight that companies can no longer attract the brightest and most excellent in the world except if they genuinely recognize and connect with the central shared movements of our time—and begin to contribute to sensible business knowledge. Business and personal development depends on two elements: knowledge and continuous improvement”.

Currently in the final stages in the commercialization of a knowledge management and continuous improvement assessment tool called the MACI-model.

See www.maci.co.za for more information.

The maturity assessment and continuous improvement MACI-model combines the framework of the Boyd cycles as it is conceptualized as self-assessment activities, for it becomes possible to use them as basis of self-assessment with sense making navigational properties across the process grid of the model.The ability to simultaneously engage in both sense making and retrospective activities is made possible in the existence of ambidextrous review, revision and properly aligned unified processes of the cognitive domain layer, functional layer and knowledge management resources layer.

As Capability Development Manager for the University of Pretoria, I'm involved in various projects (strategic & tactical) bringing knowledge management to the front-end of all learning systems. I'm keen to share my research, experience and skill-set with any organization that would like to apply the MACI-model towards achieving operational excellence.

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