by Md Santo
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Dear Ron,

My point of view on the issues of Knowledge as well as KM dimensions rooted from the basic postulated paradigm of K applied to KM. My very basic postulate stated that
“WE ARE KM-REGULATED BY NATURE vice-versa BY NATURE WE ARE KM MODEL” http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/forum/topics/we-are-kmregulated-by-nature?xg_source=activity

By nature, Knowledge is totally different with Data and/or Information. In the process of Knowledge formation, Knowledge evolved as emergent behavior inside human body as complex system, having consciousness and free will (mind and value) as well as behaving dynamically as subject. Therefore Knowledge as well as KM performs higher complexity than Data and/or Information. Knowledge is contrary different with Data and Information which is exist outside human body, still treated as object, passive, static and having no consciousness. This is the overlying condition why KM seems in grey area, “maltreated” as object, behaving as pseudo science and seems quite difficult until recently for us to define KM universally accepted.

Further, how we’re managing Knowledge depended first with our trending paradigm on the epistemology of Knowledge followed with determining the ontology of Knowledge. In brief, by epistemologically, my point of view derived from the concept of Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework (visit “Our KM Model Framework” http://bit.ly/cSwUlx and my K-base http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/humansystembiology ). Despite the paradigm generated from the postulate “Human being is KM-regulated by Nature” and “Human being by nature is a KM model”, the factor of human being as complex (adaptive) system should be underlined ( visit K-base http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/complexsystem ).

The description of HSBKM model framework will be like this :
Human being composed of two basic elements, Somatic or Physical element and the other is Psychic element. Somatic element consist of human organ systems, human brain and human genomic DNA. Physically in KM they are resembled consecutively as management tools, learning hub and (higher) consciousness hub. Psychic element consist of three level of human knowing tools or human consciousness to their environment. They are generated from peripheral nerve system or human senses, central nerve system or mind brain and consciousness DNA respectively. In reality as human knowledge related to consciousness or knowing tools, they consecutively are Knowledge with Lower Consciousness (KLC), Knowledge with Medium Consciousness (KMC) and Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC). Applied to Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework, KLC as “corporate senses” be similar with KM Tools. KMC as “corporate mind brain” with KM Process Framework and KHC as “corporate consciousness DNA” with KM Standards (Culture and Value)
From the side of ontology, my suggestion is the consideration should related with KM Visual Map (take a look at : http://bit.ly/bTzgUz and http://bit.ly/bEHacY ). Our KM 2.0 Visual Map essentially derived from our HSBKM model ( http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/humansystembiology ) blended with our DI – KW model. Note that DI should separated with KW as continuum or spectrum (visit K-base http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/di-kwmodel ).
For more details and comprehensive explanation on HSBKM model framework, goto http://bit.ly/cSwUlx or click the sub-folder “Our KM Model Framework” under the folder “Philosophical Sci of K” at the heading page of http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com or for broad meaning understanding, visit our K-base http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/humansystembiology

In brief, derived from epistemological as well as ontological view we have four dimensions aspects of KM as the whole system. They are :

First dimension, derived from the analogy with “human organ system” as the first somatic element, KM stated as an access mechanism that can be used across any management tool type. Second dimension, derived from the analogy with “ brain” as the second somatic element where KM conditioned as having learning loci for individual, organizational even machine (techno) learning. Third dimension, derived from the analogy with “genomic DNA” (“the hub of Free Will”) as the third somatic element to generate the determination that organization should have business plan covering Vision-Mission-Goals-Objectives-Strategic and Action Planning. Fourth dimension generated from human psychic elements. They are KLC, KMC, and KHC as well. Respectively they generate KM Tools, KM Process Frameworks and KM Standards (Culture and Value).

To summarize in brief, whilst taking a look at the diagram “KM 2.0 Basic Visual Map” http://bit.ly/bTzgUz , there are six (6) dimensions of KM in HSBKM model framework version :
1. KM as Object : (Somatic or bio-physical aspect of KM)
1.1. KM is an access mechanism that can be used across any management tool type in which each with their specific functions to be orchestrated under KM’s consciousness ( in Bahasa Indonesia : “tempatnya RASA” )
1.2. KM’s learning loci or hub ( in Bahasa Indonesia : “tempatnya AKAL” )
1.3. KM’s plan regarding their Vision-Mission-Goals-Objectives-Strategic and Action Planning ( in Bahasa Indonesia : “tempatnya KEHENDAK” )
2. KM as Subject : (Psychic or living aspect of KM)
2.1. KM Tools (coded as 4.1) valued as KLC (weighted score 1)
2.2. KM Process Framework (coded as 3.4) valued as KMC (weighted score 3)
2.3. KM Standards (Culture and Value) (coded as 1.0., 2.0., 3.1., 3.2., 3.3., 4.2. 5.1. and 5.2 ) valued as KHC (weighted score 5)

To conclude, we could say point 1 + 2 is KM SYSTEM, point 1.1 is KM (grand) STRATEGY, point 1.1. + 1.2. + 1.3. is KM STRUCTURE and point 2.1. + 2.2. + 2.3. is KM PROCESS . The factors “Individual” – “Team Level” – “Organization” – “Inter Organization” are located in the domain of points 2.1. – 2.2. – 2.3. continuum


Dr Md Santo
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