Human Connection

by Khadija Khan
(Vienna, Austria)

In my view, knowledge management is continuation of values that people carry and through which they connect with each other. It has to be deeply embedded in our conviction.

Learning takes place when an idea or an experience makes an impact on the thinking of a person and is being reflected in the values.

Experiences that touch our heart and soul turn into real learning. The most effective tool for knowledge management, therefore, is an open mind and an open heart.

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Mar 10, 2011
Knowledge as an Authority
by: Anonymous

Thank you Ron and thank you anonymous colleagues, I appreciate your comments. My concept of open mind is to absorb knowledge without biases and open heart is to give away knowledge the same way. There was a time in the evolution of corporate management practices, when knowledge was used as an instrument of power to exert authority. Time has changed. Knowledge by itself is an authority and a very positive one.

Regarding level of consciousness, there must be a long journey from the KLC to KLH. I will try to read and understand the concept before commenting.

Mar 01, 2011
Open to Experiences AND people
by: Anonymous

Great definition. Can also add that to effectively pass on knowledge from one person to the other, one would need to be open to learning from other people who might know more.

Mar 01, 2011
A great definition - thank you
by: Ron Young

Hi Khadija,

As founder of this website, I have had the privilege to read many contributions of knowledge management definitions, over the years. Many, indeed, have been very good.

However, I am compelled to say that your definition is refreshingly new and very powerful for me.

I do very much like your statement that learning experiences that touch our heart and soul turn into real learning. That is a new insight for me.

I simply love your conclusion that the most effective tool is an open mind and an open heart.

That is simple powerful wisdom.

Ron Young

Feb 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Dear Khadija,

Cited from my own link , hopefully agree with your statement. The following is my article :

Human Knowing Tools (HKT) Interaction as Knowledge Sharing Intra and Inter Human being : Human System Bio-based Knowledge Management (HSBKM) model framework view
( Source : ) (see also the Attachment below)

HKT1 : Knowledge with Lower Consciousness (KLC) in the form of Human Senses as Human Primary Knowing Tools represented by KM Tools as Techno-based boundary . KLC representing human sense-taste-feeling-feel-flavor-sensation

HKT2 : Knowledge with Medium Consciousness (KMC) in the form of Human Central Nerve System or Mind Brain as Human Secondary Knowing Tools represented by KM Process Framework as Human Mind-based boundary . KMC representing human reason-mind-intellect-intelligence-way-idea.

HKT3 : Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC) in the form of Human Consciousness DNA as Human Tertiary Knowing Tools represented by KM Standards Culture and Value as Human Organizational (Collective / Social) Learning-based boundary . KHC representing human will-desire-wish
@2011 ? Md Santo

HSBKM references : ?KM 2.0 Basic Visual Map? - ?HSBKM© CoP model framework? and our K-base

Md Santo

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