John James O'Brien, CRM, MALT

Knowledge Resource Management Consultant & Educator

Knowledge Resource Management Consultant & Educator

Balancing risk, compliance and quality management with learning communities of practice and capacity building, John takes knowledge management from theory to reality.

If it doesn't work for people, it won't work for business.

If it ignores legal, compliance and risk management needs, it cannot survive.

By putting people at the heart, John designs the strategic framework and partners in implementation of a knowledge-focused environment. By addressing practical realities associated with reliable records and defensible business practice, he enables risk and compliance management while enabling learning communities of practice.

John is Partner and Managing Director with Information Resource Management (IRM) Strategies, a specialist consultancy and education service based in Hong Kong, active internationally. With Robert Tornack, he co-authored the knowledge resource development model, now published with case studies in the International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital (2009 - Vol. 6, No.1/2 pp. 31 - 51).

John is a member of a number of professional and knowledge related associations and currently represents Asia on the ARMA International Relations Committee. He has served as Principal Archivist and Director, Government Records Service, Hong Kong and has kept one foot in such internal roles and the other in external consulting and educator oles throughout a career spanning more than 20 years. A former President, Institute of Certified Records Managers, John is working to raise awareness of the recorded information management domain as the only Asia-based Certified Records Manager. With experience in the intellectual capital and knowledge management domains, he views evidence-based practice and records management as fundamental to the knowledge-focused organisation.

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