Kamarudin hj. Dolmoin

by Kamarudin hj. Dolmoin
(Putrajaya, Malaysia)

I have been with the government for almost 30 years in IT and KM fields.

Currently the Project Manager for IslamGRID Project, MAMPU, Prime Minister's Department. It is also a component of KnowledgeGRID Malaysia by MIMOS, Malaysia.

IslamGRID project is visioned to be the dynamic platform for Islamic Knowledge in Malaysia and later on, global audience, muslim and non-muslim alike. It will 'grid' all major authentic Islamic knowledge resources all over the world.

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Nov 19, 2012
Attn: Inquiry regarding classification, categorization (KM)
by: Noreen Natasha Azmee

Assalamualaikum and good day.

Dear respective person,

I'm Noreen Natasha Binti Azmee studying Master of Knowledge Management from UiTM. One of my subject for this semester is Knowledge Organization and Corporate Taxonomy. Thus, the students are required to identify companies/organizations local or foreign that have developed and applied corporate taxonomy. .

I would like to know if there is any taxonomy or any categorizations/ classification has been made by your to organize, manage, categorize corporate memories, documents, knowledge, researches, etc. Perhaps, if your organization have developed some kind of taxonomy or categorization, classification scheme, I would like to go there to see how all of these been done and get some information on these.

Hope to hear good news from you. Thank you.

Noreen Natasha Azmee

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