KM Egypt Conference 2010

KM Egypt Conference 2010

Theme: "Knowledge Management, A Catalyst for Innovation"

Date: 20th - 21st April 2010

Place: Cairo, Egypt.

Organizers: Knowledge Management Department / Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC, Egyptian Cabinet of Ministers and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung / Egypt

Speakers: as per the website conference agenda


Knowledge Management and Innovation in a Global Knowledge Economy.

In this conference presentation, Ron Young will present a global view of the state of the art of knowledge management around the world, and how it is impacting global innovation.

He will discuss how we should practice what he refers to as ‘extraordinary strategic knowledge management’ as opposed to just ‘ordinary operational knowledge management’. To do this, we have to start the KM initiative by reminding ourselves of some key ‘timeless principles’. Knowledge will certainly change over time, but timeless principles, that some even call wisdom, will always be highly relevant and unchanging.

The next step is to bring these timeless principles to life, in the daily workplace, by making sure they are embodied in the people within the organization, and embedded in the critical knowledge assets, systems, processes, networks and technologies.

A ‘principles centered’ Knowledge Management strategy will make this happen.

But what does both strategic and operational knowledge management mean for innovation? How can effective knowledge management fuel the innovation process?

Ron Young will briefly draw on the essence of his work with the Department of Trade and Industry Innovation Unit in developing the Government White Paper 1999 ‘UK Competitiveness in the Knowledge Driven Economy’.

It was the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair who said at the time,

“Our success depends on how well we exploit our most valuable assets: our knowledge, skills and creativity. These are key to designing high-value goods and services and advanced business practices. They are at the heart of a modern, knowledge driven economy. Government needs to learn and innovate as much as the private sector and it must create new mechanisms for sharing ideas and best practices.”

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