Knowledge Management, Innovation and Quantum Science

Keynote presentation transcript and Powerpoint presentation slides

Singapore 23rd November 2010 (18 page MSWord transcript, 45 PowerPoint slides)

"In this presentation, I hope to be able to possibly stretch your thinking a little, and push the boundary beyond established practices within Knowledge Management. I will attempt to do this, by briefly presenting some key principles and concepts, that are well established in Quantum Physics, and are pushing out the frontiers of knowledge, and then ask the questions:

What can Quantum Physics tell us, in simple terms, about new possible perceptions in knowledge management and innovation?

Can we better understand knowledge in our organisations as quantum knowledge flows?

What about new ideas and quantum leaps?

Is there a further extraordinary dimension in knowledge management, of both a personal and a global nature, that may even change our organizational knowledge paradigm for the future?

And finally, what could we, as KM practitioners, practically do to benefit our organizations today from such new thinking? That is, of course, provided you are prepared to consider this new thinking further.

Now the reason I have chosen Singapore to make this presentation for the first time is because it represents for me, in many ways, the crossroads, or in Web 2.0 terms, the mash up even, between Eastern and Western thinking. Singapore also accommodates and fully respects many different religions and beliefs, all living side by side, in fact all the major religions, and of course, it fully respects non religious beliefs too.

I believe that this fusion of Eastern and Western thinking is exactly what we need now to move the knowledge agenda forward."


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