Knowledge and Wisdom are my Passion and Work

Knowledge and Wisdom are my Passion and Work

By Ron Young

Throughout my life, I have always been extremely passionate about knowledge and wisdom

At one end of the spectrum, I am extremely passionate about knowledge management (KM) for individuals, teams, organizations and global communities and networks. It became my profession, as a knowledge management consultant, since 1995. I founded this website in 2005, which provides many free resources to students, practitioners and KM consultants.

At the other extreme, I am passionate about what you might call 'higher knowledge', philosophy, especially moral and spiritual philosophy and/or higher ethics. I am passionate about both, the ancient wisdom, especially eastern philosophy, and modern scientific knowledge, whether it be about quantum theory, neuroscience, nanotechnology or even molecular biology.

I am interested in all the major world religions and their same universal teachings of Love, Compassion and Wisdom. I have a special interest in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads (Books of Knowledge).I am interested in the study of consciousness, and have practiced yoga and meditation for 30 years.

I am also a Director of Intellectual Property for a Film, TV and Video Production Company and I am passionate about great storytelling, using the best entertainment and information technologies.I love educating through comedy.

Putting it all together, at least my work with knowledge management, my study of the ancient knowledge and wisdom, and my contemplation and meditation over the past 30 years, has led me to know that, at a deeper level, we are all interconnected as one.

My knowledge work on the world wide web involves daily communication, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing. Therefore, it is very easy for me to perceive the web as a prototype for the development and understanding of the notion of a collective global brain, or, preferably, one thinking global mind . Some now even refer to the 'meta-cortex', of humanity as the new layer of the world wide web that we can all be connected to.

More intensively, my work has led me to believe that all human beings are capable of achieving a higher state of knowledge and knowing. Some call this special insights. Some call this the 'sixth sense' beyond seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and tasting. Some prefer to call this intuition. I have personally experienced that this higher knowledge is also more accessible through meditative states of mind. I believe that an enlightened state of mind can be achievable by all.

But my greatest belief, and my greatest concern today, is that many people around the world, if not most, do not believe that we are all connected as one, at all, but, based on our five senses alone, the general belief of many, especially in the Western world, is that we are completely separate individuals.

And this is the primary cause for all the problems and suffering that we have in the world today. It's just like flat world instead of round world thinking.

People would immediately act completely differently to one another if they felt a sense of interconnection, a sense of oneness.

Quantum theory is based on notions like quantum entanglement, superposition and infinite possibilities, and phenomenon like wave function collapse, which postulate a highly interconnected world.

The world wide web can enable us to connect all our thoughts across the planet in radically and fundamentally new ways.

I am convinced that it is only a matter of time before science and/or technology will be able to help us prove oneness in an ocean of mind.

What also interests me, very much, are the recent developments in science and technology, especially, again, quantum theory, that now say exactly the same thing as all the major religions. They are no longer in conflict.

Ask a theologian

‘What created the universe?'

The answer will probably be God, the Creator, the Source, Universal Mind, Higher Self, or Holy Guardian Angel. The theologian will go on to say that God is ‘omnipotent, can never be created or destroyed, was always here, is always moving into form, through form, and back out of form.’

Ask a scientist

'What created the universe?'

The answer from quantum physicists will probably be expressed in terms like the quantum hologram, plenum, Zero Point field, or even, increasingly, the Mind of God. The scientist will say that this energy ‘It’s omnipresent. It can never be created or destroyed. All that ever was or will be is already here. It’s always moving in to form, through form, and back out of form.’

I love this higher thinking. Knowledge and Wisdom are my passion.

To my mind, knowledge can change over time. But wisdom is timeless, it never changes. I find that the 'timeless principles' are the highest form of knowledge and wisdom known to humanity. It is this that I enjoy.

If you are interested in my thoughts and my work with knowledge and wisdom, whether it is about the practical daily issues and challenges of knowledge management and effective knowledge working in a rapidly growing global knowledge economy, or whether it is about my perspective and experiences about knowledge and quantum theory, the global brain, and the meaning and purpose of life, or all, you can find my work as listed below.

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I welcome all feedback.

Ron Young

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