Knowledge Management Add-On for Firefox; Hyperwords.

by Frode Hegland
(London, UK)


I would respectfully like to make you aware of our Knowledge Management Add-On for Firefox; Hyperwords.

We are launching a major update today - Version 7 - Press Release attached below. Please have a look and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.


November 23 2010, London, UK - The Hyperwords Company announced a major update to the Hyperwords Firefox Add-On. A million downloads and 5/5 stars on and Hyperwords keeps getting better.

“Until you have tried Hyperwords you won't know what convenience means.”
Vint Cerf, Internet Pioneer

Easy to Use: Select any word or words on a web page and choose a command:

• Search Wikipedia or Google (or any other source - entirely the your choice).
• Find pictures, maps, products & live share prices.
• Share via email, blogs, Twitter or Facebook.
• Translate (Arabic to Urdu).
• Convert currencies & other units.

The results of searches are presented in an easy to dismiss QuickWeb overlay and results of translations and conversions are presented in the page itself through LiquidText technology.

“Hecky plonk! How did I live without it? It even tweets. Genius.”
Stephen Fry, Twitterer

In this update Hyperwords is even more intelligent with handling of conversions and translations, featuring numerous enhancements and bug fixes from user feedback. It also sports a modern look and feel. It’s streamlined, seamless, and beautiful to use.

Other exciting news is that Hyperwords will also soon be updated for Google Chrome and Beta releases will soon be available for Apple Safari and Microsoft Office, IE & Acrobat/PDF.

“Hyperwords is a great tool.”

“This tool is so useful you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.”
BBC World

“Hugely powerful and it's free.”
Steve Caplin, MacUser/Expertreviews

The Hyperwords Company is a UK based company which started as a research project at UCL and is backed by industry pioneers Vint Cerf, Doug Engelbart, Ted Nelson, Dave Farber and Bruce Horn.

“Simple, clever and useful, the Hyperwords interface is a new way
of using the Web that frees us from designs of the past.”
Ted Nelson, Hypertext pioneer

Get the free download and try it yourself at:

Hyperwords is a Liquid Information Project:
User Reviews of Hyperwords on Mozilla Firefox :


Frode Hegland

The Hyperwords Company

A liquid information project

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