Lanlan Cruz

by Lanlan Cruz
(Metro Manila, Philippines)

KM is still relatively new in the Philippines especially in the government sector and in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). My work at the Center for Knowledge Management at the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), a government-owned-and- controlled-corporation affiliated to the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), entails promoting KM and assisting organizations in using knowledge to improve their productivity and competitiveness.

My earlier work in the DAP's Productivity and Development Center were on institutionalizing TQM, 5S, Quality Circles, Suggestion Scheme, ISO 9000, and other technologies which we acquired from APO.

I have designed a KM Readiness Check which I tested in the course of technical assistance projects that we have had with a government institution on higher learning, a regional office of our economic planning agency, a non-government organization, and students of the first batch of our Master in Productivity and Quality Management, where KM is one of the major course modules.

I am now working on refining the KM Readiness Check to make it more appropriate for SMEs and also developing a case study on KM for SMEs. I want the case study to be able to depict the concern of those SMEs who already have TQM, which is, what need do they have for KM that TQM is not already doing for them? They want to know how it figures in the House of Quality. Is KM something that needs to be highlighted because it enhances their TQM or is it something that is already mainstreamed in the organization and therefore there is no need to spell it out?

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Apr 17, 2011
Good way to start connecting
by: Jo De Guia

Hi Lanlan,

I'm Joseph De Guia, and doing my KM practice for an International Development organisation. It was great to see your introductory KM work and would be glad to network with KM practitioners in the Philippines.

I hope we can meet in the near future to share our KM advocacy and initiatives for the betterment of our government knowledge systems and processes.

Keep on doing your work for DAP and Goodluck on your ongoing KM reasearch.

Feb 21, 2010
by: Antonio Sy

Hi Lanlan

My name is Antonio Sy and I am a Filipino taking an MSc degree in KM in HK Poly U. WOuld be interested in being in touch with KM activities in the Philippines

Jun 10, 2008
Wishing You the Best LANLAN CRUZ
by: Dr Ann Hylton

Helo Lanlan
I have never been to the Philippines, but who knows, one day I might visit there.
concerning KM
I was motivated to write this comment because of:
A. your interest/work in the KM READINESS ASSESSMENT (KM Readiness Check).
B. your interest/work for SME's

Concerning A above: KM/K-Audit READINESS ASSESSMENT is part of my main interest/speciality as a Knowledge Auditor. Also, as it happens, I have just authored a paper called: "KM READINESS Assessment is Essential in a KM and K-Audit Initiative (June 2008)".

Concerning B above: Early in my KM career/profession, I too had a strong interest/inclination towards SME's. In fact, my very first series of KM published papers were on the importance of KM for small companies. The title of the main paper was: "Smaller-Sized Companies Also Need Knowledge Management". That was 8-years ago, back in 2000. I thank the eKnowledge Center for being the first to publish that paper, following which I received a lot of favourable responses and reviews, as well as requests to re-publish and use the papers. It is my understanding that it has been re-published in a number of languages. All in all, the sense of what I authored was evident. But unfortunately, it was not easy to put that theory into practice, at least not back then in 2000, and there were not many willing to do the necessaries.

So, Lanlan, I can only encourage you to continue in earnest, and if you do, you will be a strong contributer to KM for SMEs, and to the KM world in general, not only in your home country, but in the wider KM world.

If you are interested to read the papers I have mentioned above, they can be accessed at my website:

Blessings to you and the Philippines KM community.
Dr Ann Hylton
Knowledge Auditor, Trainer, Author

Jun 10, 2008
Thank you and welcome
by: Ron Young

Hi Lanlan,

Thank you so much for your entry in the Global KM Directory.

We are sure that others will find your details, KM needs challenges, and KM capabilities very interesting indeed.

We hope that you will find value and benefit from the Directory also.

Personal regards


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