The influence of Web 2.0 on personal Knowledge Management

If you haven't already viewed the 20 minute video personal Knowledge Management part 1, we would recommend that you view it first. It contains some key messages that are further developed in part 2 below

View Personal Knowledge Management part 1 here

The influence of Web 2.0 on Personal Knowledge Management video

This is a 30 minute video, part 2, of a presentation given by Ron Young to the information and Knowledge Management Society of Singapore (iKMS) in May 2009 at the Singapore Civil Service College.The video is produced by Patrick Lambe.

He shares his ideas and personal experiences of Web 2.0 and its influence on personal knowledge management.He proposes:

'Web 2.0, the participatory web, is driven by 'individuals' who can participate, publish, comment and contribute in ways that individuals have never been able to do before. This has turned knowledge management upside down'.

Inspired by Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, who said:

'Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge',

Ron Young briefly describes twenty web 2.0 tools that he uses on a daily basis, and that he claims are having an enormous effect on personal knowledge management.

However, along with this radical and disruptive innovation and tools, he warns that the problem now is not just 'information overload' but application overload.

He concludes by urging us, as individuals, to take personal responsibility for our own personal knowledge management in our personal lives, regardless of the organizational policies and progress concerning web 2.0.

'Individuals can, and will, increasingly influence the future drive of organizational knowledge management. Organizations will not be able to stop it'.

View the influence of Web 2.0 on Personal Knowledge Management

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