Personal Knowledge Management Video

Personal Knowledge Management Video

This is a 20 minute video, part 1, of a presentation given by Ron Young to the information and Knowledge Management Society of Singapore (iKMS) in May 2009 at the Singapore Civil Service College.The video is produced by Patrick Lambe and team.

He shares his ideas and personal experiences of personal knowledge management and proposes

'Personal Knowledge Management has now become the essential life skill for people who are serious about participating in the Global Knowledge Economy'

He briefly presents the Global Knowledge Economy survey conducted by the World Bank Institute and asks the question:

'Which countries in the world are best at creating and applying knowledge for economic benefit?' and

'Which countries best teach individuals to manage knowledge?'

He introduces a Competencies model for knowledge workers that encourages the development, the reward, and the recognition of knowledge sharing, and leads to the development of a 'culture of teachers'.

Finally, in this first video part 1, he challenges us by stating that 'So far it has been organizations that have been developing the tools and driving knowledge management. Now, and for the future, it will be individuals who personally influence and substantially drive the tools, teams and organizations through effective personal knowledge management.'

Part two, a 30 minute video entitled 'The influence of Web 2.0 on Personal Knowledge Management' can also be viewed below.

It is recommended that part 1 is viewed first, as it contains some key messages that are built upon in part 2.

Click to view PKM video part 1

Click to view 'The influence of Web 2.0 on Personal Knowledge Management' video here

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