Peter Heisig

by Peter Heisig
(Berlin, Germany)

Peter Heisig

Peter Heisig

I am a knowledge management consultant, researcher and writer. I started working with knowledge management since 1988.

I am based in Cambridge UK and Berlin, Germany.

My main interest is to improve the leverage of knowledge within the daily business processes and the strategic management of intellectual capital.

You will find more information at and I am a founder of the network with contacts around the world.

I am doing research with the University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering within the area of product development, knowledge management and process management.

I am a founding member of the German working group "Intellectual Captial Statements - Made in Germany" which has developed a method to describe and improve the management of intangible assets. The method has been successfully deployed within over 200 small and medium-sized businesses in Germany but also stocklisted companies are spplying the method.

I have developed the GPO-WM method to improve the handling of knowledge within the core business processes which has been applied in companies like Unilever, Volkswagen, Sanofi-Aventis among others.

I studied Social Sciences at the Universities Göttingen (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Bilbao (Spain) and obtained my Ph.D. in Engineering from the Technical University in Berlin (Germany).

I am a co-editor of "Knowledge Management. Concepts and Best Practice" (Springer, 2003, 2nd. Edition) and "Wissensbilanzen - Intellektuelles Kapital erfolgreich nutzen und entwickeln" (Springer 2005).

I am teaching KM at universities in Europe and Asia.

In 2004 I have been appointed by the European Commission DG Information Society and the CEN to work on the "European Guide to Good Practice in Knowledge Management" with other seven KM experts and more than hundred KM practitioneers from Europe. My responsibility was the development of the European KM Framework. See CWA 14924.

Recently I have conducted the first international KM study tour to visit leading companies in Germany with delegates from more than 10 countries. We visited award-winning companies in Germany like Airbus, BOSCH, GTZ but also small businesses and shared experiences with Siemens, Schaeffler and others.

For further details please contact me at

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