Ron Young

by Ron Young
(Cambridge, UK)

I am a knowledge management consultant, lecturer and writer. I have been working with knowledge management since 1993.

I am based in Cambridge UK.

My main interest is Knowledge Asset Management,
Semantic Web 3.0 developments

I have a KM blog at
and I am the founder of this website.

I am a Director of Knowledge Associates International Ltd, a KM consulting organisation based in Cambridge UK, and Chairman of Young International Ltd, a Management Consulting company that specializes in web centric Organizational Renewal.


Acknowledged as a leading international expert in Knowledge Management (KM), Ron Young has a deep global perspective on the key issues of KM.

Consulting engagements include developing KM strategies and advising and assisting several major Multi-National Corporations, National Governments and Professional Institutions around the world. He was a lead consultant for the EC 2M euro ‘Know-Net’ project and joint author of ‘Knowledge Asset Management’ (Springer 2003) and ‘Upside Down Management’ (McGraw Hill Europe 1996).

He has regularly chaired and provided keynote presentations at leading KM conferences around the world. He has chaired both the British Standards Institute (BSI) Knowledge Management Standards Committee for 3 yrs until 2003 and the European CEN KM Standards Committee for 2 yrs until 2004. He has been a Member of the UK Parliamentary Information Technology Committee since 1985. He has obtained Fellowships of the British Computer Society, British Institute of Management, Institute of Directors and awarded a Fellowship of the Asian Knowledge Management Association in Hong Kong.

He advised and assisted the UK DTI Innovation Unit in 1999 in the production of the UK Government white paper ‘UK Competitiveness in the Knowledge Driven Economy’. He has advised and assisted Universities in the production of M.Sc Knowledge Management degree programs.

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Jun 08, 2008
Thank you
by: Dr Anne Hylton

Dear Ron,
Thank you for the kind comments, much appreciated.

I viewed your streamed 'Free Introduction to Knowledge Management' and of course it was spot on. Clearly delivered, and highly recommendable for KM beginners. But what else would one expect from one of the solid 'rocks' of European KM.

As you may know I took a complete break from KM for the past 3 years (2005-2008) and am back now. It was refreshing to find (what I call 'KMOsite' for short, hope you don't mind) which was launched during my 3-year KM break. I like the simplicity of the KMOsite structure generally, and especially the Global / geographical sections. I hope to see that develop, but keep it simple and easy to navigate and contribute to.

KM, and especially for me the Knowledge Audit, as it is my specialist area, has moved forward wonderfully since I went into 'hybernation'. I am especially pleased that my predictions in one of my last papers before my KM break have, happily, come true concerning the growth of the field/discipline of the knowledge audit. I probably will write a short paper on my observations soon. Now I am busy, busy, busy, getting back on stream.

The KMOsite is now one of my 'permanent' browser tabs, and in due course I will make my contributions to help it to grow in the interest of the KM field. I just hope it does not lose it's unique focus, and that the principals will always endeavour to promote and facilitate KM Consultants, Practitioners and Users generally with integrity. So far it seems to be on the right track.

I most sincerely wish you, the team and the KMOsite much blessings and good fortune in the coming years.
Dr Ann Hylton

Jun 07, 2008
Well Done Ron Young
by: Dr Ann Hylton

Ron & Team
I have been going back and forth on this site for a couple of weeks, and I personally want to see it become very successful. So, I am just writing this note to encourage you Ron, and your team not to lose the impetus that first inspired you to begin this.

I visualise the KM Global Directory becoming ever rich with knowledge people from all over the world, at all levels, with varied interests, perspectives and ideas that will make this forum successful.

As I wrote in an earlier comment (which I think you should post here and not on my page because it was for you), I hope you will keep it simple and 'pure'. Please, always aim to avoid the clutter of trying to be all things to all people. That to me is very important.

Also give much attention to the technology side, as of course it is the technology that is the mechanics behind this site. One thing I feel is missing is a "easy search facility", to find who you want, or what you want easily. If it is here, it is not clear to me.

Much Blessings to you and the team, as well as to all contributors.

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