Ron Young schedule

KM Conference, Education and Consulting schedule


The 2010 schedule will be posted soon


30th March - April 9th New Delhi India, KM Consulting

10th April UK

11th April - May 17th S France, KM writing / teaching

18th May UK

19th May - 28th May Singapore KM Education

29th May - 4th June Kuala Lumpur, KM Education

5th June UK

6th June - 12th June S France, KM writing / teaching

13th June - 19th June Kuala Lumpur, KM Consulting

20th June - 26th June Sweden, mid summer vacation

27th June - 4th July S France, KM writing

4th July - 11th July New Delhi, India, KM Consulting

12th July - 19th July S France & UK

20th July - 25th July Singapore, KM Consulting

26th July - 7th August S France & UK

8th Aug - 16th August Jakarta, Indonesia, KM Education

16th Aug - 12th Sept S France & UK

13th Sep - 20th Sep New Delhi, India, KM Consulting

21st Sep - 24th Sep Barcelona, Spain, Conference

25th Sep - 16th Oct S France & UK

17th Oct - 24th Oct Johannesburg, S Africa, KM Conference

25th Oct - 31st Oct S France & UK

1st Nov - 8th Nov New Delhi, India, KM Consulting

9th Nov - 14th Nov S France & UK

15th Nov - 21st Nov Taiwan, R.O.China, KM Consulting

22nd Nov - 2nd Dec S France & UK

3rd Dec - 11th Dec Hong Kong, KM Conference

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