shahrul azman bin abd malek

by shahrul azman
(shah alam)

My name is Shahrul azman bin abd malek.Im KM manager at Asian Institute of Finance subsidaries BNM and Security of Commission(SC) M'sia.Before i joined AIF i was senior executive at SIRIM berhad shah alam under KM dept.I initiated KM portal for internal users and coordinate KM activities at SIRIM.Now im joining with AIF to manage knowledge management centre and KM activities such as knowledge cafe,after action review,COP's and so on.I have masters In Knowledge Management graduated from UitM,shah alam.I have experience in KM for 4 years.I learn a lots about KM through learning by doing,case study,observation,benchmarking,interviewing etc.

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Jun 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

Assalamualaikum, encik Shahrul.

Saya, Noreen Natasha dan Nafisah. Dulu pernah buat KM dekat SIRIM. ada interbiu encik Shahrul. Nak minta jasa baik encik. Jika tak keberatan, kami nak jumpa encik esok, boleh ke? Kalau tak boleh, kami nak jumpa hari jumaat. Nak ada simple interbiu regarding KM in Asian Insititute of Finance.

Boleh contact kami di

019-6051756 (Noreen Natasha)

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