Stuart French

by Stuart French
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Stuart French

Stuart French

Name: Stuart French
Location: Melbourne, Australia
I currently work in the healthcare technology field. Roles include Knowledge Manager, Application Designer and Project Manager. My focus is implementing Enterprise 2.0 technologies to enhance collaboration, teamwork and knowledge creation.

I have around 4 years experience in KM and will complete my Masters thesis on Wiki use in Small to Medium Enterprises through the University of South Australia in 2008.

KM Needs:
I am interested in Small to Medium Enterprise and would like to set up an association of Australian SME Knowledge Networks within the next 10 years.

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Aug 29, 2008
by: Aarti Shaw

Hey Stuart,

I feel greatly motivated now as I read your thoughts and plans for KM.

Definitely look forward to more on this.

Wish you all the luck and success.



Jul 02, 2008
Hold Fast to Your SME KM VISION
by: Dr Ann Hylton

Dear Stuart
I am pleased to see your interest in SMEs, and your ambition to to set up an association of Australian SME Knowledge Networks within the next 10 years. I am particularly pleased to see that you have given yourself time (10-years). I think it shows a maturity of thinking and understanding.

It is important when one has a vision, such as you have, to hold fast to that vision until it is realised, during the peaks and troughs of your KM career and your life generally. I think I can safely pre-warn you that the KM down times for you as a visionary will be more than you would want, but hopefully not more than you can handle.

In my early KM professional life (and in fact long before) I too was motivated with a similar vision, as evidenced by my published paper "Smaller-Sized Companies Also Need Knowledge Management" (long version) in year 2000, followed by shorter versions of the same. Also my evangelsitic efforts to SME's in the UK. Although my paper was widely 're-published', including in different languages, with numerous features and citations, and also a number of testimonies were sent to me of the 'truth' and 'sense' of what it contained, yet words and accolades was not translated into tangibles. I think you can understand what I am saying.

Unfortunately, I did not have the necessary level of commitment (and to be fair the resources and support) to hold fast to the SME KM vision that I had been blessed with. And so I left it 'behind'. But, that was more than 8 years ago, and KM and all that it entails has grown up tremendously, including SMEs awareness.

People like you Stuart, are the new generation of KM visionaries and practitioners, who will determine the path of KM for the next 10-20 years, globally. There are now many others, globally, who also have SME KM visions, and therefore your 'Association of Australian SME Knowledge Networks' vision has the potential to become the 'Global Assocation of SME Knowledge Networks'.

Therefore I encourage you to be steadfast in your KM visions, else the mantle may be passed to another, prematurely, and you might regret it. Do you get the sense that I am somewhat addressing myself here? (smile).

Much Blessings to you over there in Australia.
Dr. Ann Hylton
Chief Knowledge Auditor, Consultant and Trainer
skype: pdah77

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