hello sir , i am studying in the University of Nottingham , uk. i have a project on knowledge management. sir it would be of great help if you could give me detailed information on the methods as theories of KM. ASAP!
THANK you!

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Aug 19, 2009
by: Md Santo

Dear Sumati,

? Let me suggest you first to try in the very beginning by knowing ?basic of the basic? of K and KM by clicking the Link - WHY KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT IS HUMAN ENLIGHTMENT (TO LIGHT HUMAN LIFE) PROCESS ? : FROM INFORMATION THEORY AND NOOR ASPECT (The Link provided by our Social Networking Site (SNS) which has mission : ?Comprehending KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 through contextual learning on the issues of (mobile) TECHNOLOGIES, MARKET, PEOPLE and INNOVATION? )

? Furthermore you could get the framework of (our) KM by accessing our Knowledge Infrastructure from the Blog post of the SNS by clicking - FAQ ON ?JOIN US TO ?PUSHING FORWARD THE ERA OF 2.0? BY COMPREHENDING KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (KM) 2.0?

? After that, try to get more insight to learning as well as comprehending K and KM through Knowledge mapping provided by our SNS by selecting Tags from - as ?Mobee Knowledge CoP in Knowledge Management's Tags? as well as selecting Bookmarked from - as ?Mobee Knowledge CoP in Knowledge Management's Bookmarks?. Currently we have 142 bookmarked discussion topics and 556 tagged words as the content

Feel free to express (if any) your comments or feedback
Happy browsing


Md Santo
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Aug 19, 2009
You have the knowledge here already!?
by: Anonymous


I believe everything you need is on this web site. The navigation will take you to Directory, Definitions,Consulting, Education, Measures and much more.

If your need is ASAP I politely suggest you have not been through this content - the best knowledge is here for you.


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