The Interdepartmental Knowledge Management Forum (IKMF)

The IKMF is a Community of Practice on the application of KM in the Canadian federal public sector.

Our Raison d’être

The Interdepartmental Knowledge Management Forum (IKMF) creates an exploratory environment that stimulates Knowledge Management (KM) practice in the public sector. As a community of practice, the IKMF creates a safe environment for reflection, discovery, dialogue and innovation through the sharing of experiences, practices and insights between practitioners and those interested in KM.

Our Opportunity

The IKMF seeks to encourage dialogue and collaboration among colleagues from knowledge-intensive communities to focus on and share experiences in the implementation of KM in the public sector.

The IKMF seeks to be a centre of excellence and expertise in the development and use of KM in the public sector through:

- Exploring, encouraging and advocating the development of a public sector management culture and support systems for the creation, sharing, recording, and leveraging of its knowledge,

- Demonstrating successful practice in the incorporation of KM principles into public sector work processes and business strategies,

- Being a source of advice and guidance for the incorporation of KM principles into the technology and physical environments in which the public sector works.

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