Tom Varnedoe

by Tom Varnedoe
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Tom Varnedoe has been working in the area of knowledge management for the last decade in the United States. He is currently the Managing Director of The Knowledge Institute (
The Knowledge Institute enables our clients to locate, capture, harvest, and share knowledge so that individuals and teams can enhance its organizational focus and performance.

His competencies and areas of interest are: KM Strategy, Audit, Policy, Implementation and Continuance.
Additionally, his talents surround Change Management, Governance, Distance Learning, Digital Asset Management, Digital Rights Management, Project Management, and Communities of Practice.

In particular he is highly interested in the social ecosystems and use of computer based technologies to support “virtual teams”, “knowledge sharing”, and “distance learning” cultures.

Tom started his interests, learning’s, and mentoring under Ron Young Founder of Knowledge Associates. Clearly an incredible person and opportunity to take a Master Class. I began my learning from a Master.

Previously, he served as Director of Incubator / M&A with PricewaterhouseCoopers and as a Director of E-Business, and Internet groups. He has had a long a successful career in business working for companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sun Data, GE ITS, Nynex, and Shell Oil Company, as well as Governmental Agencies.

As a Principle Consultant, author, and presenter he draws upon over twenty years of Management, Consulting, Information Technology, Military and life-long learning experiences.
He has worked with both public and private sector clients across a wide variety of vertical markets.

Tom mixes up his time between paid consultancy, education workshops, voluntary projects, speaking, training courses, and volunteering time for non-profit foundations and raising funds for charity projects.

Tom currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He enjoys collaboration, innovation, reading, backpacking, camping, and conversing with friends and colleagues.


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