Knowledge Competencies

Developing and assessing Knowledge Competencies

In this section we discuss:

1. Instructions for conducting the technique

2. Suggested Criteria for grading competence levels

3. Template for Personal Knowledge Worker Competence plan

4. Template for Group Knowledge Worker Competence plan

5. Evidence of Knowledge Worker Skills template

Knowledge Competencies Development

What is it?

▪ A personal competence plan for individuals to develop the critical skills required to become an effective knowledge worker, which will support the KM enabled process and KM initiative.

▪ The purpose of the Knowledge Competencies Plan is to allow Team Leaders and Managers the ability to track the development of the critical knowledge working skills, and for individuals to identify current levels of competence and to be better recognised, in terms of competence levels.

▪ Individuals must achieve certain levels of competence to become a proficient knowledge worker

▪ There are three basic levels of competence as follows:

▪ Level 1 – Awareness of the knowledge worker skill

▪ Level 2 – Applied practice of the knowledge worker skill

▪ Level 3 – Demonstrated competence in the practice of knowledge worker skill

Some knowledge driven organisations have introduced a fourth level of competence as follows:

▪ Level 4 – Able to teach others in this competence

This additional level of competence helps to recognise and create a culture of ‘teachers’ in the organisation. After all, teaching is ‘knowledge sharing’.

Some organisations have introduced higher levels of competence in recognition of thought leadership and even ‘world class competence’.

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