KM Consulting Methodology

The KM Consulting Methodology consists of 3 Parts, each comprising of a series of modules.

The Methodology comprises:


▪ KM Frameworks

▪ History of Knowledge Management

▪ Critical Review of Leading KM Frameworks

▪ Understanding the Holistic Knowledge Asset Framework

Stage One - High Level Strategic KM Consulting

▪ Providing Leadership for the KM Initiative

▪ Linking the KM Strategy with the Corporate Strategy

▪ Performing the Knowledge Analysis

▪ Assessing the Risk and Change Readiness

▪ Developing the Business Case for KM

▪ Gaining Top Management Approval

Stage Two - KM Development Plan

▪ Analysing and Leveraging Knowledge in Business Processes

▪ Analysing and Leveraging Knowledge Networks

▪ Analysing and Leveraging Knowledge Technologies

▪ Defining the Knowledge Asset Schema/Taxonomy

▪ Developing Knowledge Asset Measures

▪ Applying the 9 Step KM Process

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