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My name is Ron Young. I am the founder of

I have had the great privilege, this past 30 years, to be able to travel and work very extensively around the world. My work is in the special area of effective knowledge management, innovation, and effective knowledge working for individuals, teams, organizations and global communities/networks.

I speak about this regularly in conferences around the world and you may view my conference schedule here

Before knowledge management and innovation, I worked for several years in work/life balance, life goals, time management, task and project management, information management,technology, process improvement,process innovation, corporate information systems and quality management.

Therefore, my roots are deep in the areas of increasing productivity, developing relationships,innovating processes, improving quality, knowledge management, creativity and innovation.

This has given me a holistic view of the individual and the organization.

But, most importantly, I thrive on learning and change.

Actually, the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is my passion. (Read article here)

Although I have seen the evolution of information and communication processing methods and tools, from centralised mainframe computers to distributed mini-computers, to personal computers, to mobile laptop computers and mobile phones, today, in 2010, I thrive on the World Wide Web tweeting, writing blogs, developing wiki's and knowledge bases, video conferencing with teams around the world and video sharing, social networking and organizing everything through the internet and cloud computing. This would also not be complete without my Apple iPhone and video camera.

This means that although I enjoy radically new and emerging technologies, I can also go beyond the tools to the underlying processes. But over several decades, I have been able to witness the clearly developing trends and I have been able to experience the benefits and pitfalls of new management fads and technology waves.

As with every advance in society, there are those who choose to see only the downside. It has been said by some that knowledge management is dead. I also heard this same claim in earlier years too, the claim that time management, task and process management, quality management etc are also dead. Well they may be dead in the heads of the protangonists, and the new fads may also be dead, with their inevitable followers 'jumping on the bandwagon', but time and knowledge, to take just two examples can only be expressed in paradox. They are timeless, they always were and they always will be.

Ask any manager, in any organization, of any size, in any part of the world, in 50 or 100 years time, 'for how long are you interested in finding better ways to manage time and better ways to create and apply knowledge?' and they will say, resoundingly, forever! The strategies, methods and tools will most certainly change over time, but the timeless principles, some of which are thousands of years old and buried in ancient wisdom, will never change.

It has been said, many times recently, that we are in a global economic recession, and people are now looking for the next thing to take us all out of this recession. In today's predominantly global industrial economic paradigm that is very true indeed. But,in tomorrows global knowledge economic paradigm we are certainly developing and growing exponentially around the planet, with the World Wide Web as our common place to work, at lighting speeds.

So I am today a great advocate for, first of all, going back to the basics, the timeless principles, for individuals, teams, organizations and global communities, and then developing the best strategies, processes, methods, tools and techniques that are available, to turn these powerful principles of success into practical daily reality for knowledge workers and knowledge driven organizations.

Knowledge Management - Back to Basic Principles (read article here)

My other great interest is in the future of knowledge management.

I try to take a view, based on emerging trends and radical developments, at least, every five years or so. But, actually, I am now convinced that we need to review this every year.

You may like to read my latest article on this:

The Future of Knowledge Management (read article here)

This really is an awesome, amazing, wonderful and exciting knowledge society and knowledge economy that we are all building together.

I wish to share, as best I can, what I have learned and experienced as a management consultant, educator, researcher, writer and futurist. I do this through this website, keynote speaking at conferences, books, knowledge management consulting, educational master classes, seminars and workshops, and of course, I would be delighted if you may chose to follow me with my regular tweets and blogs.

I would be happy to connect with you also as a KM network friend at and/or at 'ronyoung'.

These pages will tell you more about my work and experiences.

Please contact me if I can be of further help.

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